Sadder Day Night Special: “More- by Mark Osborne”

Cinefantastique said of the film, “…Excruciatingly brilliant. You will not see six better minutes of film on screen this year – or ever.” And they’re bloody well right. Tonight’s Sadder Day Night Special is Mark Osborne’s short masterpiece, “More”.

First, step AWAY from the dumb Cat Video you’re watching, and WATCH THIS SHORT NOW. It needs no introduction, and you’ve got 6 minutes.

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A “Get Motivated” Minute

A few years ago, Despair.com employees grabbed our barfbags went deep undercover into enemy territory. We attended the Austin “Get Motivated” all-day seminar series. We shot a wealth of footage of motivational speeches and photos, pausing only to heave into our bags when our constitution failed us. This is a one-minute glimpse into our nightmarish experience.



Face-to-face interaction of executives with subordinates is an unfortunate necessity in most organizations- and can often inadvertently contribute to employee delusions of parity. In this segment, Dr. E.L. Kersten demonstrates a useful technique for reiterating social distance with employees.


Addressing Employee Complaints

In this installment of the award-winning management training series from Despair.com, company founder Dr. E.L. Kersten provides executives and managers with a shockingly effective strategy for responding to the complaints of their subordinates.


Organizational Storytelling

Dr. E.L. Kersten provides a helpful overview of organizational storytelling techniques that can aid executives and managers in the creation of a Radically Demotivating work environment.


A Thought About Unions

Dr. E.L.Kersten offers his own observations on the utility- or lackthereof- of Employee Unions. He then proposes a radical improvement for the American economy.