Bad News


Bad News Digest: June 26, 2013

Now that “Who Killed JFK?” is done, we’ve decided to relax the only way we know how: by compiling all the bad news you might have missed while you were out enjoying the first weekend of summer.


Bad News Digest: June 18, 2013

Hey folks, did you miss us? Too bad, we’re back anyway, and we’ll be blogging daily again from here on out, now that we’ve put that pesky matter of a certain assassination behind us! And now that we’re back, we’re…


An Open Letter to Kim Jong Un (from a Bro)

Kim, Bro, we need to talk. Dude, I know you’re feeling a bit insecure in your masculinity, but come on. These empty threats of preemptive nuclear attacks is just making you look even more impotent than your dumpling-shaped body and Depeche Mode haircut. It’s time for some real-talk. Bro-style.


Why Pessimists Live Longer

All of us at the Despair, Inc. office have just discovered an unlikely hero: legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight, who is mostly known for his hilariously explosive temper. I mean, how could we not love the guy who wrote this…