A “Get Motivated” Minute

A few years ago, Despair.com employees grabbed our barfbags went deep undercover into enemy territory. We attended the Austin “Get Motivated” all-day seminar series.

We shot a wealth of footage of motivational speeches and photos, pausing only to heave into our bags when our constitution failed us.  This is a one-minute glimpse into our nightmarish experience.

In this particular clip, real estate huckster James “I love people and it’s all about people” Smith paused from pitching his WealthRock motivational consulting offers (then available for the surprisingly low price of $7,000) in order to introduce a rags-to-riches story involving a peppy, motivated immigrant (and satisfied customer!) named Andrew.

Tragically, you probably won’t be able to experience any of these success story opportunities yourself, given that both “Get Motivated” and Wealthrock experienced bankruptcies in the last couple of years.  But we like to hope at least there’s a chance the dream is being kept alive in Peru by a plucky little guy who knows a thing-or-two about getting rich in real estate, yet still is willing to do jobs James Smith finds completely disgusting.

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